Can chiropractic help headaches?

Yes. Most people don’t think of chiropractic care being able to help with headaches but, the truth is most times it can. In my experience, chiropractic has been able to cure headaches 95% of the time.  Most headaches are indirectly caused by misalignments of the neck which chiropractors call subluxations.  These subluxations cause pinching of spinal nerves as well as spasming of muscles in the neck. One of these muscles is called the rectus capitus posterior minor.  This muscle is attached to the dura mater which is a membranous sac that covers the brain and spinal cord.  When this muscle goes into spasm it pulls on the vertebrae as well as the dura mater.  The pulling of the dura mater causes increased pressure in the head which causes the headache.  Whew!

By correcting the alignment of the vertebrae with  chiropractic treatment, the muscles can relax.  The relaxed muscle decreases the pressure in your head and ” PRESTO! ” your headache disappears.  Chiropractic is not magic although it works like it is. It’s simple, unadulterated health science.

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