What patients and most doctors don’t know about can harm you.

From the day I started Chiropractic school. I vowed to eat and become healthy.  Over the years, just like the nutritious food, I have consumed everything I can to learn about becoming and eating healthier.

One of the most important concepts I learned about is enzymes.  Within all fresh, uncooked fruits and vegetables are the enzymes that our bodies need in order to digest it. Pretty smart right? However, if you cook that produce past about 118 degrees Fahrenheit the enzymes start to break down. What’s the answer?  Either you need to eat that produce raw or take additional vitamin supplements that provide you with the enzymes to digest it so that your body can break it down and utilize all of its nutrients. This concept is why there are vegans out there who eat nothing but raw foods.

You may ask yourself why do I need to eat raw or supplement my diet with enzymes when I have not had a problem yet?  The problem is that all of us are born with a limited supply of enzymes.  If you eat a lot of cooked produce you will use up your natural storage of enzymes quicker. At some point your body will become intolerant or allergic to foods that you no longer have enzymes for.  Did you ever wonder why you can’t eat the same foods that you did when you were younger? Also, because of the lack of digestive enzymes the food can sit in your colon and rot causing you problems like Crohn’s disease, chronic fatigue, arthritis, headaches, eczema, allergies and many other problems.

Additionally, the giant food corporations are genetically modifying (GMO) produce to inhibit growth of these natural enzymes.  Why do they do that?  The same enzymes that are needed to digest produce are the same enzymes that cause the breakdown or spoilage of fresh produce.  If the food corporations can remove the enzymes, the produce will have a longer shelf life to increase profits.  This is why organic produce spoils so much quicker. It’s alive with nutrients and enzymes unlike the dead produce that almost never spoils. There are other reasons why our food is genetically modified and other ways the enzymes are inhibited.  I will write about that in another blog.

Dairy and fruit juices are also live products until they are pasteurized. The pasteurization process heats up the liquid to kill any possible bacteria from lack of sanitary processes and unfortunately destroys the natural enzymes at the same time.  Many people are lactose intolerant not because they are allergic to milk but because there are no enzymes to allow them to digest it.  Yogurt and Kefir with live cultures are more easily digested due to the active bacteria that aid digestion. Raw milk and cheese are available at specialty stores. Additionally you may want to create your own whole food live juices or smoothies.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to eat a healthy diet.  The food you put in your mouth is what your body uses to make new tissue.  About every three years our entire body, except for the the nervous system, has been rebuilt with the foods we consume.  If you try to rebuild your body with hamburgers, fries, enzyme absent produce and processed food, your body is going to be subject to disease.

P.S. Processed food can be defined as any pre-made, pre-packaged food that does not spoil. It does not spoil due to lack of enzymes, lack of life and usually contains preservatives, hydrogenated fat and a host of other man made chemicals or vitamins. Essentially it is a dead food.

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