Is Chiropractic safe for pregnant mothers?

Many new expectant moms develop aches and pains associated with their growing child and belly.  All the extra weight up front causes mom to hyperextend her back to balance herself. Bending backward more than usual upon walking and standing can aggravate pre-existing problems that may have been symptom free before. So how can an expectant mother treat these issues without harming the baby physically or chemically with medication?

Chiropractic care can be great for expectant mothers. It is chemical free and can be safe physically for mother and child. The same misalignments of the back which can cause back or neck pain in non-pregnant patients can also cause pain in soon to be mothers. Not only is it safe but there have been studies that show delivery can also be easier if the mom continues with care throughout the pregnancy. We use special padding, tables and techniques to accommodate the baby bump so that it is comfortable for both mother and child. I have taken care of a number of expectant mothers allowing them to be more comfortable in their time of need. I have treated some patients up to a day or two before their due date.  There are also specific treatments to help babies in the breech presentation, called the Webster Breech Turning Technique.

One of my first patients who had trouble conceiving told me that after she started with chiropractic care she conceived. This makes sense if the same nerves that I was treating for her low back pain are the same nerves that go to her reproductive organs. So chiropractic can be beneficial for both pre and post conception.

Additionally, the birthing process can be both difficult on mother and child. Upon normal vaginal birthing, the person delivering the child can be pulling on their head and neck inadvertently causing neck problems. If the delivery is a c-section a relatively small incision is made and the baby is grasped and pulled out usually by the head with a suction device, forceps or by hand.  In most cases, there can be quite a lot of pulling and torquing  on the babies head and neck. You can perform a search on youtube for ” forceps birth or vacuum assisted birth or c-section.  This physical trauma can cause colicky babies, trouble latching, chronic ear infections and other problems. Sometimes our first spinal problems can arise from our very first day of life. Have yourself and or your child checked today.




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