Lifelong Medical Care – Health Fair and Community Walk!

LifeLong Medical Care had it’s 3rd annual Community Walk and Health Fair on Saturday August 6th, 2011 at 2344 Sixth Street in Berkeley.   Lifelong’s mission is to ” Deliver high quality health and social services to underserved people of all ages.”

The Grand Lake Health Center had a blast at this community event. They had the community walk, dancing, raffles for free prizes and an overall sense of well being, hope and health for all.  Dr. Mark Wong went in commando meaning solo, due to some unforeseen circumstances.  Regardless, he was able to educate the event goers about chiropractic and their various spinal and joint issues ranging from shin splints to genetic disorders of collagen.

There were lots of  young and helpful volunteers who were interested in how chiropractic could help them with their back pain.  It was refreshing to see how interested they were in their own health and in prevention of problems.

Even the young can have spinal problems.  Their bodies can go through more stress than ours since they tend to be more active in different sports and activities.  Chiropractors believe that if we can correct subluxations ( spinal misalignments that pinch nerves) early, we can prevent more serious problems in the future.  Prevention is the key to health.


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